Marketing mentoring,

because no one 

can know everything 

in business. 

If you’re not an accountant, then I’m betting that you outsource this for your business.

And the same goes for HR advice when you’re employing staff, am I right?

But if you know a bit about marketing, but not everything, and you could do with someone to bounce ideas off and learn from, then marketing mentoring is for you.

Why would you need marketing mentoring?

Perhaps you want to know the best time to post Instagram reels, how to set up an email marketing campaign, ask what a lead magnet is, or you need some training on software you’re using in your marketing. 

If you find that marketing always falls to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list, or you never plan in the time, then marketing mentoring sessions are perfect to hold you accountable and get the job done.

marketing mentoring

What’s involved with marketing mentoring?

If you think you’d like some more information about marketing mentoring with me, here’s a bit about how we can work together:

Discovery call

A 30 minute discussion (online or on the phone) where I’ll ask you some key questions about your business so that I can gauge the number of sessions and the type of help you’ll need.


Shortly after the discovery call, I’ll email a proposal over to you. Have a read, ask questions, and when you’re ready to go ahead, we can get started.


We get cracking as soon as you’re ready.

Marketing training sessions are flexible as they can cover topics that you need help with and can also include training in software that you would like to use in your marketing.

Each session is two hours and is delivered online or in person.

They can be booked at a pace that suits you, your business, and your budget. I recommend monthly, but if you want to get ahead quickly then weekly or fortnightly sessions are available.

But it doesn’t end there

In between sessions, we will have regular catch up calls.

These are to help you to deliver your marketing and keep you on track. Catch up calls are an opportunity for you to ask any questions too.

marketing mentoring

Marketing mentoring gives you a sounding board.

Perhaps you have an idea that you want to explore.

Maybe you need help planning your time.

Or, most often, a gentle nudge to get the job done.

That’s what marketing mentoring is all about.

Marketing mentoring cost

From £285 per session


  • Two-hour mentoring session

  • Follow up calls between sessions

What clients say…

She schedules, organizes and keeps me on track (let's not call it nagging even though that is what I need!) She meets with me and builds a marketing strategy that supports the aims and goals I set for the business and is long-term, consistent and targeted. What this means is that I am seen by potential clients, current clients, and supporters. Now I have a reliable and consistent presence and I am sharing things that build connections and relationships, I am finding that my perfect clients are hunting me out. People I would love to work with have been following me, interacting with me, or even lurking in the background, but when they want to start working, they know where and how to find me. Gill has introduced me to marketing strategy and is walking right alongside me. If you need to be showing up and you know that marketing is the lifeblood of your business (and whose isn't?), then contact Gill to see how she can support you

About CherryAid Marketing

Gill Bishop is a marketing strategist who, for over 20 years, has worked in small businesses in a variety of sectors. She’s passionate about helping business owners get organised, so that they can be visible in the right place, enabling them to build relationships with their clients and customers. What this means is that the marketing they do is less overwhelming, worthwhile, and gets results.

Through CherryAid Marketing, Gill works with small businesses in Cheshire, the North West and beyond. The service she provides is flexible from designing manageable and realistic marketing plans, through to rolling up her sleeves and supporting businesses with their marketing tasks so that they create a reliable and consistent presence. She is proud to walk alongside her clients so that they are seen by potential clients, current clients, and supporters.

A Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Gill’s wealth of experience is backed with a Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing. She continually keeps on top of marketing trends and changes, so that her clients can keep one step ahead.

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