Creative email marketing to attract subscribers

Do you send an email newsletter? You know the sort – one that tells people about your products and services? But if it’s not proving to be a successful tool for gaining business, then maybe it’s time to rethink it. With a little creative email marketing you can turn this into a winning strategy for your business.

You see, email marketing is highly effective, when it’s done well.

It’s an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. Receiving regular emails in their inbox means that they’re getting to know, like and trust you. They’re also likely to be more loyal to you, recommend you to others and make repurchases.

Doing things a little differently

So with all this to go for, how can creative email marketing make a difference? Here are a few tips to help you to encourage subscribers to join your mailing list.

Newsletter snoozeletter

Email newsletter
Can you think of an alternative name than ‘newsletter’?

I don’t know about you, but when I see the phrase ‘sign up to our newsletter’, I roll my eyes. Because:

  1. Newsletter sounds reeeeeaaaally boring and
  2. I think this is just a way for a business to capture my email address and sell their wares to me.

Am I likely to sign up? Am I heckers like! Because what’s in it for me?

Be creative when you think about the name of your ‘newsletter’. You could make subscribers feel like they are joining a gang, tribe or club. Or think of it like a newspaper – perhaps it’s a Times, Mail or Guardian. You could even go as far as it being Ramblings, Cuttings or Nattering. Whatever it is, think about who you are trying to attract and whether the words you’re using are likely to make them want to subscribe.

Attracting subscribers

And once you’ve decided on the name, how can you get people to subscribe? You see, creative email marketing isn’t just about the email you send. It’s about how you attract the people you actually want to sell to.

Now, a box like this on a website is not exactly enticing is it?

Because the user doesn’t know what they’re likely to get…other than news. Yawn!

Whereas this tells the subscriber what they’re joining and what information they’ll receive:

Which do you think is more likely to attract subscribers?

So my tips to get people to give you their email address are to tell them:

  1. What they’re signing up to
  2. How often they’ll hear from you and
  3. What information they’ll receive.

Where will they subscribe?

There are some key places you can add your subscribe box on your website. Add a box at the top of your web pages (not at the bottom – it’s rare that people actually get to the bottom of web pages!), use a pop up box, add it to your checkout page, and talk about it in your blogs.

So whilst I’m talking about it, each month I send a I send a monthly email full of marketing hints, tips and general CherryAid Chatter. I’d love for you to join in. Just add your details below:

You could also create and use lead magnets and talk about your emails in your social media posts.

Using creative email marketing to grow your following

Growing an email database
Being creative with your email marketing will encourage people to subscribe.

So there you have it. Just a few tips to give your email ‘newsletters’ a shake up and help you to attract subscribers, giving you more opportunities to communicate with them, and ultimately help to grow your business!

If you’re struggling with your email marketing, as always I am here to help. Drop me an email or contact me here and let’s arrange to talk.

Happy emailing all!

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