Summer events – tips to build them into your retail marketing strategy

I’m at it again. Planning ahead. And yes, I know it’s only just March, but the warmer months have so many summer events that are fabulous opportunities to promote your products and services. So it’s time to start thinking now what you will do to make the most of these occasions in your product marketing plan.

What events am I talking about?

There’s a number of seasonal events coming up which may be relevant to your business. Here are just a few:


Festivals are going to be big this year as we’re keen to get out there and enjoy ourselves.

The major UK festivals start around the end of May going all the way through to the end of August. I found this guide to the major event dates here. Think about building bunting, tents, music and all things festival into your marketing around this time.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

What will you be doing to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in June?

One 2nd and 3rd June this year, we’re being treated to an extra-long weekend as the Queen has been on the throne for 70 years. Wow – that’s a long time. Looking around there’s a lot of purple being used to mark this occasion. This is an opportunity to think street parties, flag waving, relaxing and enjoying ourselves!

Father’s Day

Do you have a product that would be the perfect gift for Dad on Father’s Day?

This year, Father’s Day falls on 19th June. This could be an opportunity to promote things to do for Dad to make the day special. Perhaps breakfast in bed or a special beer before dinner.

Bank Holidays

Bank holidays are a time for relaxing and being outdoors with family and friends.

And that leads me nicely on to the other Bank Holidays we’ll be enjoying on 2nd May and 29th August. Think barbecues, water fights, ice creams, trips to the beach, a cheeky glass of prosecco…

School Holidays

How can you entertain the kids during the six week break?

Ah the six week break for our kids! How about suggesting things to do to keep the little ones entertained – indoors or outside? Or days out in your local area that give them the opportunity to run off steam? Picnics, outdoor games and camping holidays could all fit in here.

Sporting events

summer events
Strawberries and cream in the sunshine (hoping it doesn’t rain!)

At the end of June Wimbledon starts. It’s time for strawberries, meringues and cream, and corks popping. Ooh and afternoon teas! Think about lush green lawns and summer-atire.

Prepare your product marketing for summer events

Put your summer events marketing plan together now so that you aren’t rushing it at the last minute.

Once you’ve made a note of the events that are relevant to your business, think about:

– which marketing channels you’re planning to use

– the retail marketing content you’ll need

– the items you’ll need to create the content

– when you want to have it all ready by

so that you’re all organised for each summer event.

Seasonal product marketing strategy

I hope reading this will give you the drive to get organised for the summer season.

If you have a particular event or season that you’d like help with planning, I have some one-to-one sessions available. They are practical sessions looking at the marketing you plan to do, what you’ll need to put it into action, and how you plan to get the job done. Click here to find out more about these.

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