How to use product descriptions to encourage people to buy from your online shop

If you’ve got an online shop, but you want to know how can you make your product descriptions better. What can you do to encourage people to buy from you? How can you make that journey easier for them?

How to use product descriptions – 7 tips to get people to buy

In this video, I look at how you can use product descriptions to encourage people to buy from your online shop. Looking at the different areas that you can add text that will help people make a decision and encourage them to make a purchase.

I’ve done a separate video about how you can improve your images and video to encourage sales. Click here to watch that one.

Of course, where your text is placed is not everything. The keywords you use are also very important for search engine optimisation (SEO). You can find out more about keyword planning tools here.

This video has 7 key tips to encourage people to purchase from your online shop.

Product name

What you want to be doing is making it really clear what it is you are selling. I would avoid using names that haven’t been heard of or quirky things. For example, I would be putting the actual product name. Make sure you are being really clear about what your product is. What is it you are selling? Be really clear about that.

Highlight your reviews

Underneath the product name or description, highlight and add a link to your reviews. This shows buyers at a glance that they can trust what they’re buying and the service they’re going to receive from you.

Clearly show your prices

Be really clear about your prices. Put it high up in your product listing so that people know how much they need to pay and can judge whether it is within their budget.

Bullet point your key benefits

In the description add details or bullet points about your products key features so that customers can skim read through them as highlights. Here add in:

  • brand information
  • your product size,
  • dimensions.

Make it really easy bite size chunks for people to read so they get that information really easily.

Delivery and returns information

Delivery and returns information is really important to customers – but is quite often overlooked. If a buyer is going to be spending £4.50 for delivery, what’s your returns policy as well? What costs will they incur to send an item back?

More product details

Go into more detail about the product. Again use bullet points. Add guides, information about how the product works, what it can be purchased with. Answer any final questions your potential customers may have here. Perhaps your product is available in other colours or different styles.

Repeat customer reviews

Customer reviews are brilliant for helping people understand whether they want to buy a product. Add a review section at the bottom of your product page so people can read more.

How to use product descriptions?

So that’s it, my 7 tips on how to use product descriptions to encourage people to buy from you:

  • add a really clear product name,
  • have a review snapshot,
  • be clear about your price,
  • add bullet pointed item specifics,
  • state your delivery and returns information,
  • include more key information about the product, and
  • detailed customer reviews.

I hope this has been helpful. Give me a shout if you’ve got any questions and let me know how you get on as you update your product descriptions.

If you’re stuck with what to put in your product descriptions, both to encourage people to buy and to help with search engine optimisation (SEO), then book a mentoring session with me and we’ll get you on track.

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