Small changes in your marketing, big impact in your business

Shall we talk about some of the common struggles you might be facing in your business marketing? Sometimes it’s good to let it all out, isn’t it? Perhaps your social media presence is feeling a bit lackluster, or those customer testimonials are as exciting as watching paint dry. Maybe your emails aren’t getting a good open rate or you just feel like nothing is working. Don’t worry, here are ten small changes in your marketing, which will be mighty in your business!

Small changes in your marketing

Small steps can make a big difference.

You might not realise it, but some of these changes are easy to do and can have a big impact in your conversion rates, engagement and more.

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So here are my ten tips:

Sort your social media bios

Has social media got you scratching your head? It happens. Your bios are the first impression people get, so make them magnetic and consistent across all the platforms you are using. Add a dash of personality, sprinkle in some keywords, and watch the engagement roll in!

Snappy email signatures

Tired of your emails blending into the digital abyss? Spice up your signatures. A catchy tagline, a subtle brag about your latest achievement, your logo or branding and voilà – you’ve turned a sign-off into a conversation starter. As an extra tip, add your email subscribe link in to your signature too and let’s grow your list!

Customer testimonials with pizzazz

If your testimonials are putting people to sleep, it’s time to wake them up. Ask your clients to spill the specifics. What was the problem, and how did your business swoop in like a superhero? What attracted them to work with you? Don’t be afraid to ask the questions when you ask for those reviews.

Use your brand

In a sea of businesses, you want yours to stand out like a fashionista at a plain T-shirt party. Keep your branding consistent across platforms. And use it! Whether it’s colours, fonts or logos, this is giving your business its signature look.

Surprise and delight

Boredom is the enemy of engagement. Surprise your customers with unexpected goodies – a flash discount, or a funny behind-the-scenes video. Keep them on their toes and intrigued.

Leverage user-generated content (UGC)

If customers are giving you content about your products or services, use it in your marketing.

Your customers are creating content about your brand, and you’re not using it? Time to change that. Share their posts, give them credit, and turn your customers into your best advocates. Making small changes in your marketing like this can bring real returns.

Upgrade your email subjects

If your emails are getting lost in inboxes, it’s time to stand out. Write subject lines that demand attention, throw in some emojis for that extra flair, and make your emails the ones people can’t wait to open.

If you’d like to know more about email marketing, take a read of this blog.

Host a virtual event

Use webinars to let potential customers see your knowledge and also hear your voice.

Missing that personal connection? Host webinars, virtual workshops, or even a virtual coffee chat. It’s not just marketing; it’s building a community. It’s also great for building that important ‘know, like and trust’ that I keep going on about.

Optimise your Google My Business

Google is often the first stop for potential customers. Make sure your Google My Business page is a shining beacon of accurate information, enticing photos, glowing reviews and pop regular updates on there too (I use my social media posts for this).

Thank You’s

Manners cost nothing. Make sure you say thank you.

Gratitude is a secret weapon. Take the time to send personalised thank-you notes or give public shoutouts to your clients. It’s not just good manners; it’s building relationships that last.

10 small changes in your marketing

So there you have it – ten small changes in your marketing that will have big impact in your business. Give them a go and drop me an email if you’d like some support with your marketing.

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